Your Guide to Selecting the Best Ping Pong Table in Perth

If you are a beginner in choosing a table tennis table, it may be a tricky process to choose the best Perth table tennis table in the market. However, if you have a clear idea of what you want, you may find it easier and get a table that can meet your needs.

Choosing a wrong table tennis table can greatly affect the quality of play, which is why you need to go for the best Perth table tennis table in the market. When shopping for a table tennis table in Perth, you may need to consider the following points.

Who will be using the table?

If you are a beginner and a recreational player, you do not need a professional table as that used for tournaments. Instead, you can just have a basic home table or a high-end table. These tables are available from a reliable supplier in Perth. However, if you have limited space and you just want to play for fun, then it is advisable to buy non-standard small tables.

Ping pong tables are suitable for schools, recreational centers, and game rooms. When you buy table tennis tables for such groups, you will need to consider durability and robustness. In that situation, you can go for a high end table, especially if you are on budget or you can go for a refurbished competition table. Refurbished competition tables are often top quality at affordable prices.

If you are buying a Perth table tennis table for tournaments and table tennis clubs, you may take your selection a little higher and select a table with professional features. In such cases, a competition table, whether refurbished or not can do. Competition tables embrace a thick surface of more than ¾ inches to allow for a consistent bounce across the entire surface of the table. For more professional outlook, ensure that the table is International Table Tennis Federation approved. In the US, United States Table Tennis approval is also acceptable.

Do you need a rollaway or a stationary table?

Stationary table tennis tables are more stable than their rollaway counterparts on wheels are. However, if you are not buying for competition purposes or you do not have adequate space to set up a stationary table, it is advisable to go for rollaway tables. In that case, the larger the wheels, the easier it is to move the table around in locations of your choice.

Will you use the table indoors or outdoors?

Your playing location also matters in your selection. For example, if you will be playing outdoors, it is advisable to look for a table that is suitable for outdoor use. Such tables normally have their tops, bottoms, and sides encased in aluminum to make them more resistant to moisture and to prevent warping. To enhance their functionality, they also have wheels to allow for easy movement and you can fold them in half for easy storage.

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