Vital safety and security features of automated commercial gates

The best automated commercial gates can keep your business or property safe and secure. This includes shielding your property from intruders, while preventing accidents such as derailing gates which can hit anyone. Thus, it can keep losses, damages and liabilities away from your business, as long as you optimize both for full benefits.



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Here are few features that can help optimize the safety and security of your automatic gates:


Automated gate safety


Automated commercial gates have heavy leaves which can create significant force while moving. This can potentially injure anyone who passes through its path. It can cause severe damage when it collides on vehicles as well. Thus, quality safety features is important to avoid such mishaps, which also helps you avoid worries on liabilities and compensations to pay.


Automatic detectors


Detecting features helps a lot to avoid such mishaps from happening as your gates move. These features can tell the gate leaves to stop and retract when something is on its path. And such features come in different variations too. See more here commercial gates


In your Leicester business property, for example, detectors can transmit signals when a person or a car passes through the gate. Such signal can tell the gate leaves to retract and remain stationary, until it’s safe for the wooden gates Leicester system to move and close.


Durable structure


Aside from safety detectors, it’s also important for automated gates to have durable structures. This helps the gate on its proper place, which prevents cases of falling and derailing parts. For example, sliding gates should have quality rollers and tracks that can hold the weight and force of moving gate leaves. This can keep the leaves on place, which avoid hitting people and objects around it accidentally.


Automated gate security


You keep a lot of valuables in your business property, thus it’s important to protect your place from criminals. Thankfully, you can complement your automated commercial gates with quality security system to stop unauthorized access. Visit to learn more.


Security alarm system


Ornate metal gates Leicester properties use comes with alarms which involve flashing lights and loud sound. It can tell you that somebody is trying to break into your Leicester property through the gate. And second, it can scare-off intruders, since it tells them that you’re already aware of their presence.


Hack-proof gate openers


Many intruders use digital hacking to open automatic gates today. However, Automatic gate openers have improved, and it now features random code generating capabilities. That makes it harder to infiltrate, since hackers need to deal with millions of codes at once. The good thing is, it still maintains convenience for your operations.


Security cameras


Assuming that an intruder managed to break in your property, you can still catch them with the use of security cameras. This can help in knowing the identity of the culprit, and can serve as a legal evidence when you need to bring the case on court.


These features can bring huge value to your automated gates, while keeping your business away from many hassles. Just remember to find the best quality gates with such feature for you to install. And if you need one in Leicester, visit now! They offer the best electric domestic gates, and can serve commercial properties as well.