The Blue Mountains Australia Tours and Day Trips

The majestic and misty Blue Mountains are situated to the west of Sydney and are within a very easy reach of the city. It is no accident that they are some of the most preferred weekend destinations for many Sydney residents and visitors alike.  With the Blue Mountain tours, you can explore them in all their magnificence.

Blue Mountain tour
Blue Mountain tour

The mountains are so alluring and include many attractions that are guaranteed to make your visit here a worthwhile one. They include a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site which is about one and half hours from Sydney. The mountains begin their rise from the coastal plains from Glenbrook which is situated some 65km to the west of Sydney.

From the M4 Motorway that passes through Windsor, you will pass by many other smaller towns such as the Leura, Katoomba and the Blackheath. In Katoomba, you will see some of the most stunning rock formations along the way which are an attraction in themselves.  These are situated at the Echo Point and are known as the Three Sisters.

The Greater Blue Mountains Drive

This offers the most scenic route through which you can explore the magic of the Blue Mountains. On this route, there are a total of 18 trails that take you to the worlds of discovery where you can explore rock formations and outcrops, towns, forests, national parks, Aboriginal heritage sites and many other attractions along the way. There are limitless opportunities here for plenty of adventures along the way.

Blue Mountains Train Tours

If you take the Blue Mountain tour by train, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool air here in a slow and relaxed way. The mountains are well served by the CityRail which passes through many of the main attractions here. The train departs hourly from the Sydney Central Station headed for the Wentworth Falls and will pass through many of the main sites here including Leura, Katoomba, Blackheath and Mount Victorian amongst many others.

Blue Mountains Bus Tours

Apart from the train Blue Mountain tour, you can also take a bus tour of the mountains. One of the best options is the red double-decker Explorer Bus that you can take from the Katoomba Station. The bus tour is even better because you will pass through an even greater number of destinations. It will be possible for you to stop at over 30 attractions which are situated in the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Accommodation

You can take all-day trips and explore the magic of the Blue Mountains. The best thing about the tours here is that you do not have to worry about accommodation as there are plenty of Blue Mountains accommodation options which are situated here.

Must Dos in the Blue Mountains

Hire a Mountain Bike: Biking through the Blue Mountains is one of the ways in which you can explore the attractions here in a more intimate way.

The Wentworth Falls Lake: This is a small lake that is nestled in the Sinclair Crescent which is popular with many on picnics.

The Federal Pass: Walk through the Jameson Valley and experience the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains in an even more intimate way.

Wildwood Garden: This Bilpin garden can be a wonderful addition to your Blue Mountains tours if you are a garden lover.

Blue Mountains National Park:  Explore unique wildlife and scenery at the Blue Mountains National Park which is situated only 60km from Sydney.

Want to discover more in the Blue Mountains? Check out the professional Blue Mountains tours and guide here and explore this little beauty and its magnificent natural features.

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