Personalised Workwear For Men Made Easy

Contrary to popular belief, finding work clothes for men is not that easy. Yes, it is a simple task for those who prefer to wear the same bland white or plain colored shirt to work day after day. However, some men prefer variety and would like their personalities to shine through the clothes they wear to work. If you fit into this category, your best bet is to find a mens workwear company with an in-house digitising service.

Why Personalised Workwear?

Some of you may ask, why is there a need for personalised workwear? Well, just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of style. This feat seems easier for women than men, especially in offices with strict dress codes. Tradesmen like plumbers, electricians and carpenters are limited in their choices because they need to wear something that won’t get in the way of their work.

Most of the time, men are limited to wearing T-shirts to work because it’s safe and convenient. However, plain tees, whether white or colored, can get very boring in time, especially if you work five days a week. To spice things up, men wear shirts with different prints and designs, and tend to layer up their clothing by pairing plain undershirts with a collared button shirt over it.

Sometimes, purchasing tees with graphic designs at your local department store may not be enough, especially if you are an artistic individual. It’s sometimes disheartening to see people wearing something similar or even exactly the same. To remedy this, you can contact a mens workwear company with an in-house digitising service to print tees for you. (To know more about Workwear, visit:

If you are artistically inclined, you can submit your own designs for printing. However, if you lack the skill, you can always seek their help in printing out unique designs for you. Most companies that offer digitising service employ their own artists and designers and you can simply give them sample pictures of what you want your designs to look like.

Company Workwear

Companies that offer digitised printing are not only popular with individuals looking for unique looks. They are also sought after by companies that would like mass shirt printing services. These companies order shirts by the bulk, and the designs are usually composed of the company name and logo. Companies usually give these away to customers during promotions, while some give or sell them to employees as a makeshift uniform.

Businesses usually give these to their employees as a form of incentive, or to increase employee loyalty to the company. You’ll see employees wearing shirts emblazoned with their company’s name during company events or special “wear your company shirt” days. Not only does it foster company oneness, it also makes for great free advertising!

The Final Say

If you are an employee and you want to stand out without running the risk of violating dress codes, a personalised shirt is the best way to go. It’s bound to catch the attention of your workmates, as well as your bosses! If you are an employer, you may want a mens workwear company with an in-house digitising service to provide your company with unique tees bearing your company’s name. After all, what you wear to work says a lot about your personality, as well as your work ethics.

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