How to Begin Your Home Decorating Project

Planning your home décor is always a very exciting process. It gives you an opportunity to dig deeper into the depths of your soul and literally discover who you are. But decorating is also a very challenging task. Whether you are planning to decorate the whole house or doing a simple furnishing of your home, there are a lot of details that you need to get right. There are costly decisions that you will make when trying to choose the best home décor online and the worst thing is that the outcome of such costly decisions is something that is going to haunt you for many years unless you decide to make another costly investment in altering your home decor online.

There are agonizing decisions that you will have to grapple with when you order home decor online. For example, what is your preferred style when it comes to home décor? Should you hire a professional to do your home décor or should you do it yourself? How much are you willing to spend on your home decor online Australia projects? How will guarantee happy results at the end of a home décor?

The home decoration process is a very intensive one. It will begin from the first inspirations that you get to build some inspired spaces in your home and ends with final plans that you will run away with in order to create beautiful spaces in your home. There is the challenging job of choosing the right colors for your home, of shopping for furniture and other decorative items for your home and finally, the task of arranging the furniture and other items inside your home. Here, you will decide the areas where you will need to cut down on our costs and the areas where you will be willing to splurge in order to create those inspired spaces that you crave.

Take a Good Look of Your Home

The first that you need to take before you order home decor online is to take a good and careful assessment of your home and your current décor. Are there things that you love about your home? Are there things which you dislike? What are the colors, fabrics and comfort levels of the home like? What are your feelings about the aesthetics of your home décor? Your feelings about the current state of your home décor are what will guide the decorating and makeover decisions that you will make. Once you have done your assessment, decoration will be easy. You will simply be repeating those things that you like and ignoring those leaving out those that you don’t. read more

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Tips on Choosing the Best Burleigh Family Accommodation

Traveling for a family vacation to Burleigh, Gold Coast is quiet thrilling. However, planning for the vacation can be a stressful affair. You need to pack your traveling bags, organize for transportation and book hotel rooms. Without so much time, you might just select your accommodation randomly. But, the type of accommodation you choose is important considering that you are traveling with family. Early planning will ensure that you get the best Burleigh family accommodation facility. Your accommodation should offer amenities, facilities and services that cater for children. There more family-friendly hotels and resorts in Burleigh to choose from. Choosing the right one can be confusing. This article gives some valuable tips on choosing the right Burleigh family accommodation.

burleigh Family Accommodation

burleigh Family Accommodation


How far is the accommodation facility from the sites you will be visiting? You need a place that is accessible without much struggle. This is because traveling around with kids can be sometimes hectic. Ideally, you should consider the accommodation facilities centrally located to the major attractions you plan to visit. If you are considering renting holiday rentals Burleigh Gold Coast options, you need to be sure of your transport. Most of them are located away from the town in quiet serene environments. You need to take advantage of the great entertainment opportunities in the town. Ensure that the accommodation you choose is near entertainment outlets and shopping malls.

Rooms and amenities

Rooms and amenities should be family friendly. For a family, you need two or three bedroom apartments. Check the size of the rooms. Do they have enough space for the kids to move around? Family accommodation on the Gold Coast should complement your vacation experience. Consider apartments with quality furniture, elegant wall art and captivating setup. If you book a beach hotel, for instance, choose rooms with direct view of the ocean. For the ultimate experience, choose Burleigh holiday rentals with modern amenities such as a gym, spa, swimming pool and social lobby, among others. If you intend to cook in your holiday rentals, ensure that the kitchen is well equipped with all the necessary kitchen equipment. read more

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Travel Guide to Machu Picchu

The Lost City of Incas. This is what Machu Picchu Peru is known for. And for this reason, thousands of tourists visit this attraction all year round to bear witness to the grandiose natural beauty. It was also named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The surrounding views of the Andes Mountains also makes it a coveted destination for thrill seekers. Whatever your kind of adventure might be, you will definitely find yourself in awe with Machu Picchu. machu picchu peruOnce you have decided to visit or experience the Machu Picchu Inca Trail, it is time to start planning your trip. But first things first: you have to decide when the best time is to go. You want to avoid going to Machu Picchu during the rainy season. Also, you need to be aware that there will always be a huge crowd there. The rainy season can take place from October to April. Since the high altitude already makes it quite cold, you might want to travel anywhere outside these months. If you want to avoid hiking up the Inca trail, then you can fly directly to Cusco. From there, you can take the train to Machu Picchu. The whole trip can take up a day. The train will drop you off to Aguas Calientes and the entire train ride can last for up to 3 and a half hours. The train ride is quite an experience in itself too as you will be treated to fantastic views of jagged mountain peaks and lush valleys. From the pueblo or town at the foot of Machu Picchu, you can start the hike and go back in time for night. If you do not like to take the train, you can travel by bus from Aguas Calientes to the ruins. You can buy the bus tickets at the center of town. If you have limited time, then you should definitely opt for the bus because it is a faster way to get to the ruins. Bus trips are scheduled from 15 to 30 minutes in between. You can also take the same fleet of buses on the way back with scheduled interval trips. The last and most promising way to get to Machu Picchu Peru is by hiking up the Inca trail. However, you need to be physically able to conquer the trail. The thin air (due to high altitude) can make it difficult to cope with breathing. You can complete the trail in an average of 4 days. Along the way, you can camp and experience the beautiful scenery of the Andes Mountains. If you are staying at the capital, there are also tour services offering to take you from Lima to Machu Picchu. There is over 500 kilometer distance that you need to cover during travel. But most tour companies offer the transportation for you to make traveling stress-free. You can get more travel information about Machu Picchu Peru at The website dubs itself as an online gateway for all you need to know about Machu Picchu, especially when planning your trip. From tourist information to travel guide to insider tips and packages, you can find them all in one place!
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Hop onto a Tuk Tuk to the Sky Train from this Sukhumvit Road Hotel

You haven’t experienced Bangkok until you have had the opportunity to hop onto one of the local modes of transport; a Tuk Tuk. These nifty little vehicles are the quickest way to get around the city especially when one is trying to avoid getting stuck in traffic, of which Bangkok has more than enough of. This local means of transport is also the quickest way to get from your Hotel Sukhumvit road to the Sky train which will take you to the heart of Bangkok where one can explore to your heart’s content.

hotel Sukhumvit road

Let’s be perfectly honest; most tourists aim to get as much shopping done in the least amount of time and often cut their holiday short due to the restraints of living for a prolonged period of time in a hotel suite. But for those who truly want an extended stay in Bangkok; the Phachara Suites situated on Sukhumvit road is the best possible option.

This Hotel Sukhumvit road apartment and suites include fully stocked kitchenettes, dining rooms, lounges and everything that an apartment in a city would offer. The benefit is that one is still getting all the usual hotel amenities; but with the added bonus of being able to “live” in a holiday styled apartment that allows guests to make their own food, do laundry and generally stretch their legs while inside their hotel suite!

What this particular Hotel Sukhumvit road fully serviced hotel suites and apartments offer visitors is also the ability to get into the heart of Bangkok with absolute ease all thanks to how conveniently they are situated within the area. You can easily find your way to popular Bangkok attractions in only a matter of minutes.

While staying at this hotel guest can still take advantage of the restaurants even with the apartments having their own kitchens, but the joy is that one is not forced to eat out every night and is an added bonus for all of those fussy eaters who avoid travelling due to their sensitive stomachs. There is also no need to have to hand wash any clothing or send it off to be washed in a communal hotel laundry as the apartments also have washing machines and tumble driers. When one puts only these two elements into the mix, there is absolutely no reason to put a timeframe on how long your holiday to the gorgeous never ending entertainment that is on offer in Bangkok. read more

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World Class Accommodation Near Queen Sirikit, MRT

AETAS Lumpini is a world class hotel situated in Bangkok. Luxury, comfort, affordability, excellent services are the words that come to mind when you think of Aetas Lumpini. The hotel is located opposite Lumpini Park and is close to Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre MRT station. The hotel near MRT sits right at the heart of the Bangkok business district.

If you are in Bangkok to experience the rich Thai culture, then you will not be disappointed with the range of experiences and attractions that will assault your senses. The hotel near MRT is strategically located near tourist attractions like the King Mongkut Rama famous statue, Lumpini Park, Banyan Tree spa, Vertigo Restaurant and Mali Restaurant that is a ten-minute walk from the hotel facility.

Transportation networks are only a four-minute walk from the hotel while the shopping malls and retail vistas are a five minute drive from the facility. A little further, you will find the Heart of Bangkok, Wat Yan Nawa Asiatique the Riverfront. If it is business that brings you to Bangkok, then this hotel is still a top choice when it comes to business accommodations. It has internet connectivity with free Wi-Fi in all rooms and outside the chambers. For this reason, you can carry your laptop and sit anywhere in the establishment to access the internet. The rooms and facilities are spacious and provide a serene environment for both business and leisure.

The hotel boasts of a sports and recreational facility which include the swimming pools for you and your kids, a fitness centre and a hot tub or sauna to unwind after your fitness programme. In addition, it has services like babysitting, a 24-hour room service, shuttle bus, laundry service, airport transfer and facilities for disabled guests. Additional services include safes for your valued items, tours, bar, business centres and meeting facilities.

The AETAS Lumpini offers a broad range of room facilities like the Presidential Suite in the terrace or simply a presidential suite, guest rooms, suite rooms, junior suite, and deluxe club rooms. This variety in the room accommodation means that you are always assured of quality accommodation at the AETAS Lumpini. Whether you are visiting the city for a business trip or for leisure, this accommodation facility will be more than adequate to meet your needs with its professional services and range of amenities and facilities. read more

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Location for a Conference in Pattaya

Deciding on a suitable location for a conference is generally a challenging task. Should it be in the city or away from the city? Do you stay in the same place every time? What things do your attendees like? Where are they traveling from? How much will the conference cost you? All these questions run into your mind when deciding on a location for a conference Pattaya has for you. If you got solutions to these queries, you will certainly have in mind the ideal conference location. You want a place that meets the needs of your conference and at the same time give your attendees a memorable experience. Below are some important factors you can consider when choosing the right location for your conference.


Consider the objectives and goals of the conference first. Will the attendees have extra time after the meetings? What kind of facility will provide them with the ultimate experience? These considerations will determine the type of location you decide to go for. If your attendees need to fly in and out of the venue, a facility within an airport or just adjacent will work well for you. A program designed to go off the venue for special events might require a downtown facility. This is to save on transportation costs. A resort is the best fit if the attendees have to remain tied in the conference Pattaya location.


What are the means of transport that attendees use to get to the conference? Many people tend to overlook on the availability and cost of parking on the conference site. If participants include people with disabilities, you require a parking that can accommodate large vehicles. Choose a locatioan that can be accessed by public modes of transport. This is because the attendees might consider going to town during their free time. If your participants have to travel by air, ensure that there direct flights to and from your conference destination.


Address both your attendees and host organization’s budget parameter. What is the host’s taxing behavior? Do they exempt tax on charitable organizations? Ask each facility for their catering menu before making any decisions. This is because some places overcharge food and beverages. Check if the chef is willing to work within your budget and if he can prepare dishes specifically for your conference meetings. Compare service charges and go for the fairest deal or one that is within your budget. Consider a facility where prices are negotiable and offer discounts. read more

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Your Guide to Selecting the Best Ping Pong Table in Perth

If you are a beginner in choosing a table tennis table, it may be a tricky process to choose the best Perth table tennis table in the market. However, if you have a clear idea of what you want, you may find it easier and get a table that can meet your needs.

Choosing a wrong table tennis table can greatly affect the quality of play, which is why you need to go for the best Perth table tennis table in the market. When shopping for a table tennis table in Perth, you may need to consider the following points.

Who will be using the table?

If you are a beginner and a recreational player, you do not need a professional table as that used for tournaments. Instead, you can just have a basic home table or a high-end table. These tables are available from a reliable supplier in Perth. However, if you have limited space and you just want to play for fun, then it is advisable to buy non-standard small tables.

Ping pong tables are suitable for schools, recreational centers, and game rooms. When you buy table tennis tables for such groups, you will need to consider durability and robustness. In that situation, you can go for a high end table, especially if you are on budget or you can go for a refurbished competition table. Refurbished competition tables are often top quality at affordable prices.

If you are buying a Perth table tennis table for tournaments and table tennis clubs, you may take your selection a little higher and select a table with professional features. In such cases, a competition table, whether refurbished or not can do. Competition tables embrace a thick surface of more than ¾ inches to allow for a consistent bounce across the entire surface of the table. For more professional outlook, ensure that the table is International Table Tennis Federation approved. In the US, United States Table Tennis approval is also acceptable.

Do you need a rollaway or a stationary table?

Stationary table tennis tables are more stable than their rollaway counterparts on wheels are. However, if you are not buying for competition purposes or you do not have adequate space to set up a stationary table, it is advisable to go for rollaway tables. In that case, the larger the wheels, the easier it is to move the table around in locations of your choice. read more

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Top Sights of Phuket

Among the many treasures Thailand has to offer to tourists, Phuket is the crown jewel. What makes Phuket so great is that you will always have attractions and things to do on the island. With so much to do on the Island you cannot imagine living in hotel where you will have to pay for the room service and other perks that they offer. For that reason you should consider getting one of the many Phuket apartments. You can get one of these to get the most of your time in this magical island.

Now that you know where to save your vacation money, it’s time you know about the top sights and things to do. When you get yourself lodging among Phuket apartments you will be able to enjoy the beaches, the lush green forests and many other sights.

The emerald green waters of Phang Nga Bay

The Phang Nga Bay will make your vacation memorable as the bay gives you access to the one of a kind limestone cliffs. These come out straight out of the water and making it emerald. The bay also has boats that means you can tour nearby islands that include the famous James Bond Island and also the Koh Panyee.

The nostalgic old Phuket Town

As stated earlier, Phuket offers you many options to make your vacations memorable. This includes historical Phuket Town that reminds visitors of the Chinese and the Portuguese colonial times. Here you can sample local and Chinese cuisines in the many eateries along with historical buildings and sights. You can spend your afternoons in the town shopping for curious keepsakes while walking around taking pictures and enjoying local hustle and bustle. For more info, RENTALFORTHEHOLIDAYS

The Big Buddha             

Visitors coming to Phuket should visit the Big Buddha. Though it’s a new addition, the statue has attracted many. You can see it from the south side of the Island and is found on the Nakkerd Hills. You will be able to enjoy panoramic view of the area that includes Kata, Rawai and Chalong.

Right beside the statue is a shrine and an amazing golden image of the Big Buddha that has been made from brass. You can park your cars near here as there is ample parking space. Do take the map of the area so you can find places from the top. read more

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Planning for Gold Coast Family Accommodation for a Vacation

Planning a family vacation is not easy when the destination is not properly thought out. It may get even more challenging if there are kids on the trip. However, there are many ways to make a family vacation perfect. Choosing well the destination, coupled with proper planning, could just make a holiday memorable if not unforgettable. And in case children are to be part of the holiday, Family Accommodation Gold Coast has to be well thought out.

There are some hotels that do not provide accommodation for kids. When planning to have children in the troupe, choosing a hotel that is child friendly is necessary. This means one must do plenty of research on the hotel facilities. For younger children, a hotel that offers self-catering apartments or family rooms would be the most ideal. This way, the whole family stays close together and everyone can be reached in record time. For older children, looking for interconnecting rooms is preferable. This way, there is both privacy as well as security offered by Family Accommodation Gold Coast.

Children love to explore and cannot be restrained in one particular area for long. They also get bored quickly doing one thing and need plenty of activities to be happy and entertained. As much as most hotels cater for families by having a wide range of facilities as well as activities, there is need to consider Family Accommodation Gold Coast as there are numerous advantages. Apart from baby-sitting services, there are kids clubs, swimming pools, play – ground for children among others. During special occasions, children eat for free while enjoying certain activities when they are accompanied by adults.

Sometimes this is ignored but it is a very important factor; the menu. While relatively older children can eat most foods like adults do, it is imperative to have a children’s menu in mind. By having food that children are more comfortable with, there are fewer chances of them developing health complications. At the same time, their stay during the holiday is enjoyable. After all, children remember a vacation more by the kind of play and food they had. read more

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The Blue Mountains Australia Tours and Day Trips

The majestic and misty Blue Mountains are situated to the west of Sydney and are within a very easy reach of the city. It is no accident that they are some of the most preferred weekend destinations for many Sydney residents and visitors alike.  With the Blue Mountain tours, you can explore them in all their magnificence.

Blue Mountain tour

Blue Mountain tour

The mountains are so alluring and include many attractions that are guaranteed to make your visit here a worthwhile one. They include a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site which is about one and half hours from Sydney. The mountains begin their rise from the coastal plains from Glenbrook which is situated some 65km to the west of Sydney.

From the M4 Motorway that passes through Windsor, you will pass by many other smaller towns such as the Leura, Katoomba and the Blackheath. In Katoomba, you will see some of the most stunning rock formations along the way which are an attraction in themselves.  These are situated at the Echo Point and are known as the Three Sisters.

The Greater Blue Mountains Drive

This offers the most scenic route through which you can explore the magic of the Blue Mountains. On this route, there are a total of 18 trails that take you to the worlds of discovery where you can explore rock formations and outcrops, towns, forests, national parks, Aboriginal heritage sites and many other attractions along the way. There are limitless opportunities here for plenty of adventures along the way.

Blue Mountains Train Tours

If you take the Blue Mountain tour by train, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and cool air here in a slow and relaxed way. The mountains are well served by the CityRail which passes through many of the main attractions here. The train departs hourly from the Sydney Central Station headed for the Wentworth Falls and will pass through many of the main sites here including Leura, Katoomba, Blackheath and Mount Victorian amongst many others.

Blue Mountains Bus Tours

Apart from the train Blue Mountain tour, you can also take a bus tour of the mountains. One of the best options is the red double-decker Explorer Bus that you can take from the Katoomba Station. The bus tour is even better because you will pass through an even greater number of destinations. It will be possible for you to stop at over 30 attractions which are situated in the Blue Mountains. read more

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Create Gorgeous Home Interiors With Amazing Industrial Furniture Online

As the saying goes, “Home is where the heart is”, most people will say they have a dream house or more appropriately, dream home. It is definitely not a waste of money and time to invest for a dream home because this is where good living starts with the loving family a person has. However, nowadays, some people like to make their homes unique, especially if they have enough money to make it so. What is unique for Industrial Furniture Online one individual may not necessarily be suitable for another.

Industrial Furniture Online

Industrial Furniture Online

But, uniqueness can be associated to something that took time to be found or something that not all have. In a home setting, uniqueness can be achieved if industrial furniture will be used. Industrial furniture online products in Brisbane can, fortunately, be purchased in Gorgeous Home Interiors For You or Ghify.

Industrial furniture is mostly the favorite of artists, architects, engineers, photographers, and interior designers because it gives home vintage and eclectic effect. The industrial furniture in Brisbane available through Ghify is the answer to some people’s search for this kind of furniture because it is rarely available in stores nowadays and if ever available, it is generally costly. Some may even consider building it themselves or hiring someone to build it for them, but if practicality will be considered, then this is not a good idea because it will cost a lot.

When you buy industrial furniture online in Brisbane being sold by Ghify, you are assured of products which are affordable and of good quality. This furniture is usually made from the materials of aged buildings or anything that had served its purpose but has a sturdy build. The recycled materials are perfectly mixed and furnished into new furniture that will truly bring elegance and class to homes.

Those who love industrial furniture should purchase in Ghify because this is the strength of this store. Ghify was established with the aim to make use of natural resources into building new beautiful things that can make homes attractive. This store offers quality and good customer service along with fairly reasonable rates. read more

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How to Add the French Chic to Your Home

If you do not like the “bleakness” of minimalism in your interior designs, then the French chic furniture will be a suitable option for you. With the French furniture online, you can look forward to a refined elegance in your furniture choices. Due to their intricate beauty and elegance, these furniture pieces are generally a favorite with many designers and many homeowners looking for a richer and more luxuriant styling for their home interiors.

French furniture online

They are highly desirable pieces of furniture that also offer your home a highly desirable look. But injecting the French style into your home is not easy if you are doing it for the first time. It is important to know what to look for and how to complement the various furniture pieces in order to bring out the true French chic look. Here are some important tips that can help you choose the best French furniture online that will meet your tastes and preferences:

How to Pick the Right Style

When it comes to choosing the right style that you will run away with, it is important to first focus on the particular French theme that you would want to bring out in your home interiors. There are plenty of French inspirations that you can opt when it comes to choosing French styles in your furniture designs. These include the following:

·         French Shabby Chic

·         French Chic

·         French Country

·         French Vintage

·         Parisian Romance

The kind of French furniture online style that you choose can be influenced by many factors such as the personal tastes and preferences, the architectural style of your buildings, location and many others. When choosing your furniture style, it is also important to put the space that you have into consideration. If you are in the process of renovating your property, it is important to carefully think through the French furniture inspirations that you wish to add in advance in order to ensure that these will blend beautifully in your home interiors. read more

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Far, Yet Close with Overnight Courier Services

On certain occasions, the urgency of sending goods and services has high importance. Sureshot delivery is the requirement of the hour and only identifying the courier services with overnight express delivery can make it possible. To have the delivery reach the provided destination on time, one must select the right courier company among so many available options. The standard postal service is not the preferable choice when you want the parcel to reach without any hindrance the very next day. It is based on the laurels acquired from years for cheap international delivery and economical shipping when it hardly had any competition. Today, the postal service is replaced by the courier companies that offer more customized and wide-ranging services to customers.

Benefits of the express delivery services

1.      Professional Assistance –  Whether your goods are being transported to meet a particular customer’s demand or depending on important shipment release in your industry supply chain, the operation of the courier services with overnight express delivery can prove to be extremely helpful to your business. Your business can be successful in supplying your clientele without worries with regard to delivery time. The professional assistance of express delivery services is truly valuable.

2.      Effortless Shipping – Many times the size and weight of the parcel pose problems while delivering. With a high quality courier service, express delivery, one can be rest assured of safe handling of goods and timely delivery without fail. As a shipping company can handle shipments from below 1kg up to 1 tonne, the trouble free express delivery becomes a preferred choice.

3.      Rapid Delivery – What customers search for is the rapid delivery of the shipped goods. The sooner the consignment reaches the destined person, the better it is. Overnight delivery services are always the best as the sender gets the benefit to reach the consignment in minimal time. read more

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Personalised Workwear For Men Made Easy

Contrary to popular belief, finding work clothes for men is not that easy. Yes, it is a simple task for those who prefer to wear the same bland white or plain colored shirt to work day after day. However, some men prefer variety and would like their personalities to shine through the clothes they wear to work. If you fit into this category, your best bet is to find a mens workwear company with an in-house digitising service.

Why Personalised Workwear?

Some of you may ask, why is there a need for personalised workwear? Well, just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of style. This feat seems easier for women than men, especially in offices with strict dress codes. Tradesmen like plumbers, electricians and carpenters are limited in their choices because they need to wear something that won’t get in the way of their work.

Most of the time, men are limited to wearing T-shirts to work because it’s safe and convenient. However, plain tees, whether white or colored, can get very boring in time, especially if you work five days a week. To spice things up, men wear shirts with different prints and designs, and tend to layer up their clothing by pairing plain undershirts with a collared button shirt over it.

Sometimes, purchasing tees with graphic designs at your local department store may not be enough, especially if you are an artistic individual. It’s sometimes disheartening to see people wearing something similar or even exactly the same. To remedy this, you can contact a mens workwear company with an in-house digitising service to print tees for you. (To know more about Workwear, visit:

If you are artistically inclined, you can submit your own designs for printing. However, if you lack the skill, you can always seek their help in printing out unique designs for you. Most companies that offer digitising service employ their own artists and designers and you can simply give them sample pictures of what you want your designs to look like. read more

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Packing Up Memories with Antalya’s Best Accommodation

Whether you’re on a trip for business or you wish to spend holiday to blow off steam, Antalya in Turkey is the best destination to be.  With its favorable climate and the longest and widest coastline all over the country,  Antalya is regarded as the “blue” city where beaches are the major attractions. Activities are centered thereon. The palm trees are located all throughout giving superb highlight of the shores. Enjoying the sea breeze while staying in the best hotels in Antalya is the sweetest and the most enjoyable thing to accomplish.

The city of Antalya has a Mediterranean weather. It represents the warm hospitality accrued to its tourists. It is dry and hot on summertime while rainy during winter. This is the reason why the area is considered as Turkey’s tourism capital.

Dubbed as the paradise here on earth, the place also brags medieval time sceneries and museums like the antique cinema of Asia and Africa, plus the awe-inspiring beauty of world renowned Manavgat waterfall.

Best Accommodation in Antalya

When in Antalya, it is ideal to match the perfect itinerary with an excellent accommodation. One of the best hotels in Antalya is Dogan Hotel. It is composed of 4 historic homes turned into a place of accommodation. Its renovation is inspired by Turkey’s centuries-old architectural designs. While being antique, the hotel boasts modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Dogan Hotel has 41 cozy and tastefully designed rooms. You may choose from their Twin, Double, Family, or Suite rooms, all according to the need of your entourage. You will experience the Turkish feel when you opt to stay in this hotel since all its rooms are furnished with Turkish ambience, from bed sheets to interior decorations.  Getting the rooms situated in the upper floors is the ideal choice because the breathtaking views of the harbor await guests.

To fill up your hungry tummies, go to the hotel’s own Begonia. This dining place prepares international and Turkish cuisines. Their menu offers timeless recipes and are prepared fresh. Try the mezze and cheese platters as a starter and grilled marinated meats, plus seafood casserole, for the main course.  For snacks, this restaurant is popular for its delicious pasta and sandwiches. With its friendly and attentive staff, you will be treated like a dining royalty. read more

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What You Need to Know About Working with Wedding Planners

The services of luxury wedding planners in Thailand continue to rise. With more couples opting for a destination wedding, exotic locales like Thailand or some parts of Southeast Asia are becoming a top prospect for these weddings. The help of a professional wedding planner can provide a lot of benefits for the couple throughout the wedding planning process. Their knowledge and expertise can not only ease up stress on the couple but also in ensuring that every detail goes as planned.

If you want to make the partnership work (between the couple and the wedding planner), it pays to know a few things first. Take note of these five pointers before you begin your search for luxury wedding planners in Thailand:

A wedding planner can help set the schedule straight. Planning a wedding is no joke. With so many things to do and consider, it is easy to lose track of the schedule and what you are supposed to be doing. A wedding planner can provide organization in this time of chaos. The planner can oversee if the vendors you’ve chosen for the wedding can meet your prospected timeline. If you feel like you are overwhelmed with the tasks of planning, they are ready to provide a helping hand.

A wedding planner absorbs all the stress from the couple. This is the most important part of a wedding planner’s job that you do not always find in their resume. In the midst of planning a wedding, things are bound to go wrong at some point. This could easily result to stress and disappointment on the couples’ part. However, a wedding planner is there to salvage the situation and handle any loose ends so the couple can enjoy the magic of the whole experience. Learn more about this at

A wedding planner can help you find suitable wedding vendors. When it comes to designating which vendors to hire for certain aspects of the wedding, most couples do not have any clue at all. Unless you have done your research beforehand, finding a caterer or a photographer can be daunting. Thankfully, wedding planners have established their connection in the industry enough so they can make recommendations based on what you are looking for in a wedding vendor. Hence, it is important to be upfront and honest to your planner about your expectations. read more

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